Why SocialNow WordPress Theme Preferred by Bloggers?

Why SocialNow WordPress Theme Preferred by Bloggers?

Staying relevant in today?s competitive online space requires you to pay keen attention to the design of your site. Millions of websites are created daily, and competition for traffic continues to grow.

If you are still stuck with your poorly designed site, you will continue to lose traffic and eventually your ranking position. Change is inevitable since search engines are paying increased relevance to user experience and page load speed.

Unlike the past where you required a team of designers, WordPress opened up the world to rapid solutions. With our well-designed theme, you can quickly and efficiently improve your user experience with a reasonable budget.

If you have problems setting up, you can rely on the MyThemeShop support team to help get it done.

The MyThemeShop's collection of themes continues to grow, and they are launched their SocialNow theme that is a tastefully designed multipurpose WordPress theme. You are now assured to get to the next level with SocialNow theme.

SocialNow comes with 6 pre-defined layouts that are optimized for speed and SEO. You can quickly build your social viral site and launch within a few hours. SocialNow has been carefully crafted to suit your site rapid growth needs. From every aspect this theme allows you to go ?Social Now? and grow your social following virally.

The stylishly designed homepage slider gives you three innovative ways to quickly change how your images are displayed. SocialNow is a good choice for different kind of websites with six pre-defined layouts that include:

Default: The default layout allows you to build any website you can imagine. It is a multipurpose layout intended for those people who want to be in control. The user-friendly options allow for easy customization and quick results.

Viral: Want to build a viral content site? The viral layout will fuel your social sharing to millions. Strategically placed social icons appeal to visitors to emotively share your content.

Fashion: Stylishly designed layout allows you to showcase your fashion content with the glamor it deserves. You don?t have to worry anymore since you will make a bold statement with SocialNow fashion layout.

Health: This layout carefully presents your health content with the accuracy it needs. People will want to trust your content since it is presented in a very easy to read format.

Shop: Want to set up shop that converts visitors into loyal customers? The shop layout removes all clutter common most WooCommerce themes. The minimalistic approach makes it easier for customers to pick what they need.

News: Irrespective of what niche you are pursuing, the SocialNow news layout is bound to earn you the authority you crave. The elegant and stylish fonts ensure your headlines, and the content is immaculately presented.

The multi-purpose functionally gives you the control you need to tweak the theme to fits your needs. With the assistance from the dedicated support team, you can build any site you can imagine; the possibilities are limitless with SocialNow.

Here are the features that make SocialNow theme versatile:

General Settings

? Upload A Logo Image
? Add a Favicon
? Upload Touch Icon Mobile Devices
? Add a Metro Icon
? Enter Twitter Username
? Feedburner URL Option
? Add Code in Header Section of the theme
? Footer Code Option like Google Analytics code
? Choose From 4 Different Pagination Options
? Activate AJAX Quick Search
? Enable or Disable Responsiveness
? Right To Left Language Support
? Enter Number of Products To Show for WooCommerce websites

Performance Options

? Enable or Disable Prefetching
? Lazy Load Enable or Disable to slow loading of images
? Enable Async JavaScript
? Remove ver Parameters
? Optimize WooCommerce Scripts

Translation Options

? Enable Translation Panel

Styling Options

? Choose a Primary Color Scheme
? Select a Secondary Color Scheme
? 2 Layout Styles ? Left sidebar or Right Sidebar
? Unlimited Background Color Options
? 63 Background Patterns, Choose Gradient or Upload Own Image Options
? Enable or Disable Parallax Effect
? Custom CSS Option
? Enable or Disable Lightbox


? Show Floating Navigation Menu
? Enable or Disable Social Icons
? Add Social Icons
? Enable or Disable Top Menu
? Enable or Disable Logo
? Enable or Disable Main Menu
? Enable or Disable Header Search
? Enable or Disable Top Menu
? Upper Navigation Background Color, Pattern or Image
? Set Header Background Color, Pattern or Custom Image


? Choose Footer BG Color, Pattern or Custom Image Upload
? Enable or Disable Parallax Effect
? Enable Footer Widgets
? Footer Layout Selector 3 or 4 Widgets Layout
? Copy Copyrights BG Color, Pattern, Gradient or Image Upload
? Copyrights Text ? Replace MyThemeShop Footer Link

Homepage Settings

? Enable or Disable Full-Width Slider
? Choose Full-width Slider Navigation Type
? Select Full-Width Slider Categories
? Choose Full-Width Slider Number of Posts to Display
? Enable or Disable Small Slider
? Choose Small Slider Categories
? Choose Small Slider Number of Posts to Display
? Add Custom Small Slider Option
? Choose Small Slider Position
? Enable or Disable Featured Grid
? Choose Featured Grid Categories
? Post Listing Option
? Enable or Disable Homepage Post Meta Info

Single Post Settings

? Single Post Layout Selector
? Enable or Disable Show Categories in Single Post
? Choose Meta Info To Show
? Enable or Disable Breadcrumbs
? Enable or Disable Comment Likes and Dislikes
? Enable or Disable Highlight Author Comments
? Enable or Disable Date in Comments

Social Settings

? Social Buttons Position Selector
? Enable Social Sharing Buttons on Pages
? Drag & Drop Social Buttons Builder

Sidebar Settings

? Create Custom Sidebars
? Choose Sidebar for Homepage
? Choose Sidebar for Single Post
? Choose Sidebar for Single Page
? Choose Sidebar for Archive
? Choose Sidebar for Category Archive
? Choose Sidebar for Tag Archive
? Choose Sidebar for Date Archive
? Choose Sidebar for Author Archive
? Choose Sidebar for Search
? Choose Sidebar for 404 Error
? Choose Sidebar for Shop Pages
? Choose Sidebar for Single Product

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