Free Privacy Policy Generator for Your Website

Free Privacy Policy Generator for Your Website

As the vibrant community of Weebly grows, they have been hard at work adding new features and tools to support their users. They are excited to announce the launch of latest useful tool, free privacy policy generator.


Why Create Privacy Policy?


-Build trust with customers. Let them know that you care about protecting their private information.

-Make sure you're following the law. If you're collecting any personal data, a privacy policy is required.

-A privacy policy helps you avoid legal fines.


Weebly has made it incredibly easy for website owners to create a privacy policy for their site. All it takes is a few simple fields and a custom privacy policy is ready in seconds and can be used on any website, not just Weebly. So, generate your free privacy policy at Weebly!


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Gangadhar Kulkarni

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