Best Grammar and Plagiarism Checking Tool for Every Writer

Best Grammar and Plagiarism Checking Tool for Every Writer

Grammarly is an automated plagiarism checker and proofreader tool which makes sure that you produce a mistake-free and easy to read content. This grammar checking tool does more than just basic spell check and grammar check built into the word processor as it can recognize correctly spelled words that are used in the wrong context.


This Grammar checking algorithm has various features which are very useful for a better writing. Grammarly’s features can be listed as a grammar checker, a plagiarism checker, contextual spelling checker, a punctuation checker, a sentence structure checker, a vocabulary enhancement, and an option to adjust the checks for genre-specific writing styles. It gives chance to users to choose whether to write in British English or American English. It also has an integrated dictionary and thesaurus.


Features of Grammarly  Writing Tool


1. Plagiarism Checker


Grammarly’s plagiarism checker verifies your content against more than 8 billion web pages to identify the plagiarized passages. It highlights the sections in the content body which have been already published somewhere else.


2. Grammar Checker


Grammarly checks and corrects more than 250 types of grammar errors including double negatives and faulty parallelisms.


3. Great Vocabulary in Your Content


Grammarly can suggest the most favorable word replacement based on its context. It helps to correct the poor vocabulary usage. Use of words has a great impact on the transparency of your writing. Hence your content must consist of rich and influential vocabulary.


4. Developed by Professional Linguists


A team of linguists and natural language processing engineers is always there to make sure that Grammarly is performing at the highest level possible. This potent grammar checking algorithm is built by the world’s leading professionals in linguistic technology.


5. Contextual Spelling Checker


If the rightly spelled words get used in the wrong context, it’s an embarrassing mistake for you. Most of the times contextual spelling errors considerably change the meaning of a sentence and may sound confusing. Hence recognizing common contextual spelling mistakes is quite important. That’s where Grammarly helps you with. It spots flawed use of words such as there/their/they’re, lose/loose, lie/lay, affect/effect and many other words like these.


Not only bloggers and professional writers but students, business people, and people who just want to write better are also relying on the Grammarly. This tool meets your writing needs and gives you the confidence of mistake-free writing in your any writing situation. Grammarly's plagiarism checker saves your lot of time and helps you achieve better grades.


This Grammarly Writing Tool is been used by more than 4 million people and you can also be a part of it. So Just click here to access this amazing writing tool.


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