How the Startups can Increase their Online Visibility?

How the Startups can Increase their Online Visibility?

What would you want your startup to be visible online? The explanation is simple: whenever you need information, a product, or a piece of advice, you most likely turn to the web to do a search. Google handle an average of 3.5 billion searches/day; meaning that it’s no wonder why so many companies need an online presence. To get started, you should get to know more about SEO and its great potential. 

make your online business more visible to your target audience. 

1. Every Web Page should be Optimized with Rich, Qualitative Content 

It might seem like a difficult step, however, it’s key to boosting your rank and online visibility. Without quality content, you won’t be able to make yourself noticed on the web. Your web pages - particularly homepage, contact, blog section, etc. - must feature descriptive, informational, factual, and structured content for people to want to read it. 

Ideally, optimize your content by targeting keywords that match with your business mantra. Use long-tail keywords and make sure they blend in naturally with your content. Don’t write with key phrases in mind, and stay focused on quality.


2. Unique Meta Descriptions and Title Tags 

Your website’s pages should feature unique Meta descriptions and Meta tags. Tags help provide headlines to your web pages in SERPs. The Meta descriptions are your descriptive text conveyed for each individual page. This way you’ll be able to let Google know what your content is about; as well as explains what purpose each of your pages has. 

There’s another purpose to using Meta tags and meta descriptions: your pages will be ranked higher, thus boosting click-through rates. There are different tools you can use to streamline the process. Screaming Frog and Siteline are two of the most common.

3. Tackle 404 Errors 

Google Search Console to tackle the issue. If you’re building your website with WordPress, there are lots of plugins you can download to help you 404 error pages fun; or redirect such pages to another page (e.g. your home page).


4. All Eyes on Shareable Content 

connect your site to channels your audience spends the most time on. It could be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Content that is easy to share drives engagement; compelling people to like and share. Social shares don’t have a direct contribution to website ranking. However, they do help make your content more visible, triggering inbound link earnings.


5. Image Optimization

Most websites don’t believe that optimizing images has any effect on website visibility. Truth be told, it is important to prepare you to optimize images according to SEO. Every image on your website should have an accurate description, and describe the role of that image on your web page. Done correctly, image optimization makes them visible on Google’s Image Search results. It might seem like an indirect route to increase visibility, but it’s a fundamental one.


6. Faster Website Loading Time

It may not seem that website speed has any effect on online visibility on search engine results. However, it matters a lot. Websites that load fast help increase conversions. Start by: 

-          Optimizing images

-          Use an excellent caching plugin

-          Delete unnecessary meta

      -          Use plugins that your website actually uses

7. Don’t Ignore the Importance of a Structured Markup

Last but not least, it pays to have a structured website markup. It will help you increase website visibility in Google and other search engine results. All your content should feature structured markups; do it for various content forms. 

Bottom line is, it might seem challenging to make your online business seem more visible for search engines. But if you take things step by step, you’ll get results. Your conversions will increase, your leads will turn into customers, and your ROI will skyrocket.


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