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Scribhun is a Social platform based on articles . According to scribhun the one who write is called scribe and all the writings are called scribs. Hun is a Thai word which means share. In essence Scribhun totally makes an online platform for writing , sharing and reading. Apart from all of these Scribhun is a big network with millions of people writing and reading from different parts of the world. Every user is given freedom to write their thoughts and views in wide variety of areas.

About Scribhun

Articles in Scribhun are mainly based on hash tags. All Users can easily get into their interested areas through these hash tags. Popular hash tags denote the current trends. Scribhun is a big family where the cash benefits are divided among every user that login in Scribhun. Everyday Scribhun will make your board fill with most updated and enchanting stories.

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