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  • By agreeing the terms of service and privacy policy during the signup procedure you have agreed to follow the instructions of Scribhun website. Here we are describing the detail ways of using your personal information and the information's related to you. If you do not obey the rules and guidelines with reference to the terms of service your account may be deleted or will not receive any of the services from Scribhun.
  • Scribhun has the right to correct, modify, change and terminate any portion of the site or these terms and condition as a whole or part by part without any notice. All the changes will be effective when it is posted in the website. Your use of the site following any changes to the terms and condition will mean you accept these changes.
  • Scribhun follows a money sharing policy considering the social interactions consisting of posts, likes and shares. If you are found eligible for the cash back through an improper usage, Scribhun will revise your credited amount. The money sharing policy are in the basis of certain facts about your usage.
    • Your first payout is $5 .You can request for your first payout whenever your account exceeds $5.00
    • After your first payout you are eligible for a cash back only when your account exceeds $50.00
    • A user is allowed to post maximum of 5 articles per day
    • We may add or remove the functionalities of money sharing policy at any time. We may stop or suspend the money sharing system altogether.
    • Your post must contain valid content of 300 words written in English language or an English translation should be provided. The content should be completely free from plagiarism. The content should not be pornographic, harassing, vulgar, racially offensive, threatening, Unlawful, religious, obscene, misattributed and falsified. Scribhun has the right to delete the account or post if your post doesn't meet the above criteria.
    • The account from which the post is made should not be falsified. Affiliate links or links to other websites will not be entertained.
    • Viewing posts, generating likes or comments in an indirect method (robots, click spam, internet agencies and macro programs) will not be allowed.
  • Scribhun has the right to disclose any information at any time to satisfy the applicable law, legal process or government procedure.
  • You will be responsible for any activities under your account and password.
  • Users under age of 18 shall not register in Scribhun and are not eligible for the cash back without an authorization from the parents.
  • We will redeem the cash you generated through the website by check, PayPal or online transaction.
  • By using this website the party agrees the terms and conditions put forward by Scribhun.


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