Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs that Pays You more Commission

Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs that Pays You more Commission

Email marketing is straight marketing a marketable message to a group of people using email. So email marketing allows you to send messages to a group of people using one simple business email, and an Email Marketing Service (EMS) is nothing but simply software that allows you to do it simply.  Among the top affiliate programs available over this huge internet, Email Marketing Affiliate Programs are highly rewarding to be a monthly source of residual income for hundreds and thousands of affiliates.


Here are the top Email Marketing Affiliate Services. Let’s check them once: 


  • GetReponse


Commission:  30% – 33% recurring commission rate share per active referral each month.


Referral income: You can earn up to $46/month per active customer you referred.


Get response is one of the best Email Marketing Service in the current internet world. Why I am saying this means I got used this. Building an email list is the only task you should do and the rest leave it to GetResponse. As an internet marketer, I highly recommend using this. Here are the pros and cons of GetResponse. So that you can decide whether to choose it or not.




  1. Top intending Marketing products promotion. So that you get access to high sales converting banners, text links, and email ads. Nothing more you require succeeding as an internet marketer.
  2. Most responsive training materials. So get started with the easy training programs
  3. Real-Time Tracking And Statistics – You can track your signups, Sales, Commissions, and Payouts.
  4. You will get Convenient Payouts monthly with cheques or through bank transfer
  5. They’re 120 days of cookie life. So the last affiliate that gets the click gets the sale, you can get paid.


  • ConvertKit


Commission: 30% recurring affiliate income and the commission goes up to $600/month.

Payout: On monthly basis of at least $100 through PayPal


People may find difficulties with other email service marketing services like MailChimp, Aweber, and others. But here are the top reasons they chose Convertkit for their product promotion.




  1. ConevertKit excels autoresponders and building the autoresponder in convertkit is also very easy.
  2. A beautiful interface, customizable opt-in forms.
  3. Allows you to deliver the emails with digital products as opt-in incentives.
  4. Very Low prices to get advanced features.
  5. It allows you to turn your blog posts into easy email broadcasts.
  6. Simply, it is easy to use.




This is a newcomer and yet stellar email service provider. They don’t have a trial program


Convertkit EMS:


  1. Conevertkit payments are awarded on accounts that stay for a minimum of 60 days.
  2. You cannot recommend self-referrals, they are not allowed. So you have to refer to the people of new/old business entrepreneurs.
  3. Abusing content, gaming with the links or shady behavior will make you banned permanently. So keep calm and follow their terms.
  4. They can change their terms and policies anytime because they think they deserve it.


Nowadays many online entrepreneurs are moving from Aweber, MailChimp, and others to ConverKit. You can choose this as your first preferred email marketing solution for your audience.


  • Aweber


Commission: 30% lifetime commission

Trail: 30 days

Payout: cheque/PayPal on monthly basis


Aweber is one of the oldest EMS out there. Still, it is the best solution in most cases. In fact, each need deserves a specific solution. Here are the top pro features you can observe.


  1. Easy to reprint the original content
  2. Instantly you can get to know when a sale is made
  3. Each and every visitor statistics and demographics will be known at the dashboard
  4. You will get to know about how to succeed as an affiliate and the resources to refer your visitors to like your blog, webinars and you get many videos.


Final verdict:


For those who want to build one list on a small budget, Aweber may be a perfect EMS solution. It starts at as low as $19 per month and the first 30 days free, even your credit card not required to test.



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