Performance based Mobile and Desktop Affiliate Ad Network

Performance based Mobile and Desktop Affiliate Ad Network

Targeleon is a performance-based affiliate network. It provides solutions for both web and mobile traffic. This network provides global coverage to both affiliates and advertisers.


Targeleon LLC provides a great monetization platform for publishers with both mobile and desktop traffic. The US-based ad network was founded in the year 2014 and has been showing an unstoppable growth since then. It is a network with plenty of offers that work fine with both mobile and web traffic. It is a fully updated eCPM-based premium traffic monetization network. 


Features of Targeleon Ad Network 


-Multiple Ad Formats

-Weekly Payments

-No Minimum Payment Requirement for PayPal, WebMoney, and Epese

-High eCPM Rates

-Real-time Reporting 


For Publishers


Targeleon provides lots of monetization solutions to affiliates which help them to easily monetize their web and mobile traffic. Since it is a global affiliate network, so, it provides solutions for worldwide traffic. Also, because it is a global affiliate network, so, it has lots of advertising partners all around the world. These advertising partners let them provide lots of high paying offers to worldwide publishers.


So, with this network, you can monetize your worldwide traffic. They provide high-quality solutions to publishers which include high paying offers of various verticals, smart link, banners, pop-up/pop-under ads, custom ad formats and various great tools.


Apart from high paying offers and multiple monetization solutions, this network also offers some great facilities to affiliates. These facilities include easy to use the advance platform, detailed stats reporting system, smart tools, no minimum payout limit, quick payment, multiple payment options and a very attractive referral program. 


For Advertisers


Targeleon is a performance-based ad network, so, it delivers results to advertisers. It provides an advanced platform to advertisers where they can promote their campaigns effectively and produce better results than anywhere else. Their platform provides precise targeting options which let advertisers to easily target the best audience for their campaigns.


Some of the targeting options offered by this network are Geo, device, OS, browser, and career. Also, this network offers various ad formats that produce great results for advertisers. You can use these ad formats to promote your campaigns effectively. The ad formats offered by this network are banners, pops, and redirects.


Since Targeleon is a global affiliate network, so, it has lots of affiliates from all around the world. These affiliates can deliver high-quality traffic to your campaigns from any part of the world. They work only with best affiliates and therefore, you can expect high-quality traffic from them.


The best part of this network is, it offers affordable advertising prices that let all level advertisers to easily promote their campaigns through their advanced platform. The only minimum deposit required on this network is 25$, that all level advertisers can easily afford and test this network.


Also, this network has a sophisticated anti-fraud technology which ensures that your campaign budget is spent on the real audience. Their affiliates selection procedure also ensures that you get only real and high-quality traffic.


Apart from high-quality solutions, this network also provides a great support to advertisers. So, anytime you need their help you can contact them. 


Referral Program


One of the most attractive features of Targeleon for publishers is its lucrative referral program. Publishers stand to make 10% referral commission simply by referring new publishers to the company. Keep in mind most of the other ad networks offer 5% referral commissions. You can place your referral links on your websites, blogs, forums, and boards. However, you are prohibited from spamming referral links on irrelevant sites. 




-Very competitive eCPM rates that are unmatched in the industry

-100% Fill Rate

-They have ads that are responsive to mobile platforms which are great for improving your conversions.

-Their referral program pays 10% commission which is higher than you get in other networks

-Every publisher loves weekly payments

-They don’t have minimum payout thresholds except for wire transfer. High minimum payouts are sometimes unsustainable for small publishers.

-The ad network’s control panel is detailed and easy to use.

-They provide real-time reporting on how your campaigns are doing. 




-High minimum payment of $500 for bank wire

-Stringent standards for site approval

-Limited access to support

-Lack of a Knowledgebase page 




Targeleon is a great platform for traffic monetization in all legitimate sites. Its weekly payments and lack of a minimum payout threshold make it ideal for small publishers too. It may not be as popular as other networks but it is a great platform for monetizing your mobile and desktop traffic. However, the company still needs to improve its support system. All in all, if you are looking for a good platform to monetize your adult or non-adult mobile or web traffic with the decent eCPM rates on the market, go ahead and sign up with Targeleon.


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