Ultimate Blogging Platform for Content Syndication and Earning Money

Ultimate Blogging Platform for Content Syndication and Earning Money

Niume is an interest-based social network that is born out of the need for a quality is driven social network in which users are motivated to share high-quality content and to pursue their passions.

The site was founded at the end of 2014 by a trio of London graduate students from Cambridge University.

Niume not only allows content syndication, the site administrators encourage syndication by paying you per view to promoting your articles at their site. The site administrators also pay you to refer others to use the site. Niume is a social media site as well.

Users are motivated to stay active and refer others due to the money they can accrue. Users get paid for both page views and referrals. There is even an aura of competition to see who can get the most hype (votes).

Niume is gaining in popularity so quickly that the Writers Accountability Facebook Group has a special thread devoted to Niume to ensure their members connect there.

Since the site helps you find like-minded bloggers, the admins have coined the phrase Collaborative Blogging to describe their site.

How to Use Niume to Promote Your Blog Post?

-Go to Niume.

-Choose Your interests. These become your Spheres. They are like Google+ Communities.

-Click Get me Started.

-Click Create a Post.

-There is a bar across the top. Click the niche of the post you'd like to share.

-Initially, Niume will show you where to paste your article and where to add a photo or graphic.

-I recommend adding a photo or graphic. They are eye-catching and other people have them.

-You will be asked to agree with Niume's guidelines.

-After submission, you can share your article on your social media.

-Click the round icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. You will be able to edit your personal information like your blog URL and social media profiles.

Join this unique blogging community to boost your blog web traffic & earn money.


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