Prevent Migraine and other Headaches

Prevent Migraine and other Headaches

A sudden feeling of pressure and pulsation in the head is felt by many people. But, as per doctors, with 360 different types of headaches the cause is often unknown. Regrettably for few people, these headaches are not occasional or the symptoms of another illness. Migraines, as well as tension headaches are the disease for themselves. Almost fifteen to twenty people suffer from migraine. Pain usually affects one half of the head and hampers normal life. 

The affected person often becomes restless and ends up in bed with the feeling of constant pulsation in the head. From time to time, the pain is accompanied by sensitivity to smell, light, sound and a vomiting sensation. In general, migraine attacks last from four hours to three days. The triggers for such headaches are stress, strong lights, noisy music and alcohol. There are people who suffer from migraines once in twenty days a month.


For some people, changes in positive or negative feelings, stress, smell, light and time cause migraines. Migraines are always in the background, it is always there. In order to prevent migraine attacks, individuals need to maintain an orderly way of life. Observing the same time of sleep and rest, eating at the same time everyday may have positive effects on migraine. Regular exercise increases stamina and sports such as swimming, running, biking or walking also helps. 

Half of all headaches are tension headaches. Compared with migraines, pain is weaker. Patients feel pain as stiff and permanent. It can engage any part of the head and lasts for about thirty minutes to seven days. Muscles on the head show greater sensitivity to pain, are tense. Tension headaches often occur when the person spends the whole day in front of the computer and their neck and shoulders are exposed to the same posture for long. 


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