3 Tips to Control Hypertension

3 Tips to Control Hypertension

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is usually caused by our lifestyle or way of life and genetic factors. If not kept under control, it can become serious, leading to stroke. That is why a lot of people are taking medicines that keep high blood pressure at a reasonable level. At the same time, medication is not always needed, particularly if high blood pressure is caused due to unhealthy lifestyle. Here are three of the changes you can take to keep your hypertension under control.


1. Maintain your weight within normal limits. Weight is one of the most important factors that keep blood pressure under control. If the weight will be high, the pressure in the blood vessels will also be high. A study in 2014 showed that small weight gains, even by a mere 5%, lead to increases in blood pressure. So weight should be a priority for all.


2. Take part in regular sports. Healthy people should spend at least three hours a week in sports. If you want to lower your blood pressure, then doctors have a recommendation. Of the total time, about thirty minutes should be thorough training. It could be any kind of workout, it is important to sweat, to feel the body working. It can be martial arts, jogging or brisk walking. It is important to feel that the body is working well. 

3. Reduce salt from your food. All the foods we eat contain salt. So if we add more salt to it, at the end of a day, it is usually much higher than recommended by health professionals. The World Health Organization recommends eating less than five grams of salt per day but the consumption is almost two times. If you manage to reduce salt consumption by 10 to 20% you will see good results, say doctors. 


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