Benefits of Meditation before Sleep

Benefits of Meditation before Sleep

Health experts are of the view that if you have no time to do standardized exercises, you can very well start with small exercises. Offices staff often has to sit all day in their office, sometimes even at night due to pressure of work. Naturally, there is a shortage of time to take part in outdoor sports or visit the gym. This is also a cause of many health effects.

There is a very simple exercise, suitable for everybody and that is sitting cross legged and called ‘sitting meditation’. This is an exercise that helps relieve the pain associated with sciatica. It helps to circulate blood well, releasing stress from the brain. This simple exercise stimulates blood circulation to the brain and all other organs in the body. Not only that. Sitting meditation also help you retreat and regenerate energy.

With this simple exercise called ‘sitting meditation’, you can fall asleep quite easily, enjoy a quiet and sound sleep and also sleep without being disturbed by dreams. Housewives are busy the entire day, and should spend five minutes meditating to take deep breaths before going to bed to free up their abdominal muscles and back muscles. Exercise can reduce pain during menstruation, preventing the occurrence of spinal pain in women.

In addition, sitting meditation also helps to widen the pelvic joints, relieve the leg veins, reduce gynaecological problems or stop the seizures from narrowing the pelvis.  Men who meditate five minutes before bedtime can also benefit from it. Hip enlargement helps your kidneys improve the physiological function of the blood, making blood circulation easier and more efficient. This is also a way to help maintain healthy kidneys and prostate gland.

Thus, you can limit the development of diseases affecting the kidneys and the physiological function of men. Finally, when you sit in meditation for only just five minutes before sleeping, your legs will become firm and reduce your thighs significantly. The lower back of your waist becomes stronger and will keep you youthful. Therefore, do not hesitate any more, please meditate from tonight to get the great benefits mentioned above. 


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