Natural way to Detoxify your Kidneys

Natural way to Detoxify your Kidneys

Do you suffer from constant fatigue and bloating? Do you have recurring urinary infections, skin problems or kidney stones? If so, you should think about detoxification of your kidney. The more toxins left to build up in the kidney, the more you suffer from a kidney disease or a total collapse of the kidneys. All of us are born with two kidneys.


They are the size of a tennis ball. Healthy kidneys have millions of nephrons that filter toxins. Those toxins are then eliminated by urine. If the kidneys are unhealthy, they lose their ability to filter toxins. They then begin to accumulate in the blood. Excessive toxins accumulated in the body give decreased appetite, create giddiness and induce vomiting.


They also give general weakness and a change in sense of taste. The kidneys are one of the organs that work the most in our body. Each day, they filter about 100 to 120 liters of blood while removing excess fluid and toxins. The kidney balances electrolyte levels, regulates calcium levels for strong bones, produces red blood cells, and monitors blood pressure.


Before you start a detoxification process, if you have decided to clean your kidneys, give your body that extra chance by doing everything you can to give it a chance. This includes the total elimination of toxins such as saturated fats, roasters, caffeine, dairy products, processed food, sugar and genetically modified foods from your every day diet. 

At the same time, stop smoking and drink no more a week before and after your detox treatment. Try to remove the chemicals found in room fresheners, soaps and shampoos, cleaning products, bed linen and household detergents. Change as much as you can with natural products. If you like, attend yoga classes. It stimulates the circulation, the lymphatic system and the digestive system. 


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