How to Manage High Blood Pressure

How to Manage High Blood Pressure

Most people with high blood pressure do not experience any physical pain. Doctors opine there is no need to start immediate medicines if the people in the age of thirty to forty years are found to be high in blood pressure. Just improve the lifestyle of such a person, keep the weight as balanced as it should be, keep the consumption of salt intact, start the habit of regular exercise and stop smoking and drinking. 

The next step is to find out how much should be the weight. Most high blood pressure people have more weight than it should be. If the body mass index is more than fifty, then consider that person's weight as high. Fats gain more in men's neck, shoulders and stomach (upper part). In women, the stems are raised under the skin, thighs and surface. Stomach growth in middle-aged men shows the possibility of having a heart attack.


To reduce weight, diet and exercise have to be attended to. The diet must reduce intake of calorie. Exercise is by applying the rules of exercise. To reduce dietary calories, sugar, drinking, and sabudana should be avoided. Serve items like cheese, butter, and ghee, and fried food, sweet fruits like mango, grapes and banana. Chickpea, rice and potato are also good. Take time to consume dietary vegetables and salad on regular basis.


Consume cereals like rice, wheat, maize, bajra and pulses like chole, lentils and moong. Fruits such as papaya and banana are good. Cucumber and tomato are also recommended. It is better to eat fruits like orange, cucumber and pineapple rather than drinking their juice. If you are achieving the expected weight, your efforts are right. Or else, you have to reduce the cereals by ten percent. Eat a little at a time and eat it frequently. 



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