Laugh and Suppress Depression

Laugh and Suppress Depression

Humor and laughter are considered as some of the effective antidepressants that most people like to follow more than the conventional medicines and remedies. Depression is one of the most important mental health problems that can destroy the lives of an individual if not diagnosed soon enough. Most of the time, it is difficult to understand that you have been affected by depression. People today, try to find different means to prevent or fight depression. 

They turn on, practice meditation and so on. Most of them prefer natural remedies like yoga just because of the fact that it does not increase the possibility of side effects like medicines. Laughter therapy is considered one of the best means to suppress depression. When you take a deep laughter and laugh, a serotonin known as happy chemical is released in the brain. This plays an important role in creating a comfortable feeling. 

In addition, they can also help you reduce a number of stress related hormones like dopamine, adrenaline, and so on. Stress leading to depression has to be treated as early as possible. By treating stress in time, you are literally killing down the possibility of depression formation. Laughing is also something that helps you fight the feeling of pain. You can also think about laughter as a good workout for the stomach muscles, heart, et cetera. 

When you are affected by depression, it makes a point for joining events or activities that include laughter. You can also consider socializing with people who can make you smile in a friendly way. Laughter is the best medicine that can help you gain control of yourself. Depression is always considered to be one of the mental disorders that can be cured completely if sorted out early. If left untreated the effect of depression can be drastic. 


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