3 Tips to Overcome Depression

3 Tips to Overcome Depression

1. Rest: Your body needs energy to function the right way. This is particularly true when you are depressed. Find some time to rest in order to give your brain a break to process day to day problems and ideas to solve them. 

2. Sympathy: You may be tired of trying to feel good for everyone else while you are dying and they are only complaining about you. The thing is compassion should be first for you. Feel good for yourself. Give yourself permission to feel good and accept it. If you do this, you can start connecting with others and help them to understand you.

When you give yourself this opportunity, then you will observe how people are just ignorant about you. At times, they really do not understand it. Make a motto every time you get irritated about people commenting "Poor fellow, he is criticizing me because he doesn't know the hell I am in" and rough comments of people will trouble you less.

3. Ensure you speak to people about your condition. Don't complain that people don't understanding you if you don't communicate your feelings and needs to them first. Tell them you are under stress. Go to a doctor and show your reports. Encourage them to know about other people's depression, tell them you are hurt by their rough comments, etc. Take responsibility on your treatment and allow people to help you by telling them how you feel.

If people don't want to understand it's up to them, but you have also the right to move on and find people who really care about you and want to support you. There is no need of harsh feelings. Let other people dealing with depression know! Start healing yourself and take responsibility of your own suffering. You can't change people but you can change yourself. 


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