4 Reasons for Dizziness after Waking up

4 Reasons for Dizziness after Waking up

Getting enough sleep at night and taking a short nap in the afternoon helps the body refreshed, and the mind clear. But some people wake up feeling dizzy. Body fatigue can be due to the following four reasons.

1. Pillow height:

According to health experts, the height of the pillow affects the quality of your sleep.  If the pillow is too uncomfortable, it is not good for the neck. The pillow height causes the blood to build up in the brain. This leads to the feeling of dizziness, headache etc. Choosing an appropriate pillow of 8-15 cm high, 30 cm wide and 60 cm long to sleep, reduces the risk of dizziness when waking up.

2. Room too much bright:

Melatonin, the hormone secreted by the Pineal gland in the brain that regulates the sleep cycle is inversely proportional to light. The darkness makes melatonin more secretions to create a good night's sleep. Brightness at night like the light from the TV can stop melatonin production. Some sensitive people are still in the shade. Workplace environment is often too bright, too cold or lack oxygen and therefore, it is not the ideal place for sleep of office workers.

3. Use of mobile phones and computer:

The habit of using the mobile, laptop etc by many before bed is not good for the brain and eyesight. Waves and electromagnetic radiation of the mobile affect the excretion of melatonin which makes it difficult to sleep. Therefore, you should limit the use of electronic devices when you go to bed and turn them off at the earliest.

4. Sleeping time is not appropriate:

Sleeping too little for less than 8 hours a night can make you tired, working out of focus the next day. If the condition lasts, it will affect your health. Inadequate sleep also causes headaches after noon. Lunchtime is usually only twenty to thirty minutes. But, if it lasts for more than a hour, the body changes into a deep sleep state, the blood flow to the brain decreases and the metabolism slows down. So you will feel dizzy with headache when waking up. 


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