4 Tips to Select your Domain Name

4 Tips to Select your Domain Name

Any activity on the Internet begins with the choice of your domain name. It is very important to think carefully about the choice of the domain name. It is because it has a direct and subsequent impact on the success of your online activity. For this, some good practices are necessary. 

1. Stay simple:

Choose a domain name that is neither too long nor too complicated to write. It must also be representative of your activity while respecting the laws in force on the intellectual property rights and avoid the names of illegal nature or names that are contrary to the public order. 

2. Follow the rules:

Certain rules must be respected when choosing your domain name. The domain name cannot exceed 69 alphanumeric characters, i.e. the letters of the alphabet from A to Z, as well as the digits from 0 to 9. 

With the exception of the dash, only the characters mentioned above are allowed at the time of writing. In creating a domain name avoid accents and commas. Lowercase and uppercase letters are not differentiated. 

3. Target your audience:

The extension of the domain name is very important depending on the audience you want to reach. If your audience is local or international, the extension of the domain name will not be the same. For a national audience, you have to use extensions based on the country of your customers. 

And in the case of an international audience, the extension of the domain name would rather be a dot com (.com) although a lot of businesses also use .com. 

4. Check domain name availability:

Is your domain name available? To avoid confusion and any legal issues that could affect your business, it is important to check the availability of the domain name you like. Do this check before depositing your brand name elsewhere to avoid disappointment.

Choosing your domain name is an essential step to start your online marketing. All your information on the internet will be attached to this name. So choose well, so that you need not have to change. As otherwise, you would lose all the work done. 


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