5 Tips to Avoid Cold

5 Tips to Avoid Cold

Cold and flu can hit you with full force - especially when you do not know about it. Here are some five tips to avoid colds and flu.

An average adult suffers from colds two to three times each year. For a lot of people, it is difficult to be sick. They would be happy to avoid it. A few people look at it as something positive to get sick in that it will strengthen the immune system.

1. Wash your hands with soap:

It is often said that it is necessary to use hand wash liquid to wash hands. But hand wash kills only bacteria and are therefore not as helpful if the virus is to be protected against. Then it is better to wash hands with soap.

2. Eat foods consisting of prebiotics:

A common mistake people make is to confuse prebiotics and probiotics. Probiotics are said to be bacteria to strengthen the immune system, but research suggests so far that you cannot detect any noticeable effect, and therefore you should use prebiotics instead - fibers that are not broken down in the body, but instead serve as food for the good bacteria we have in the intestinal system. This  gives us a stronger immune system.

3. Ventilate indoor:

Viruses and Bacteria spread more easily indoors than outdoors. If you spend much of your time indoors - especially with other people who are sick or are becoming sick, it increases the likelihood of becoming infected.

4. Keep off alcohol:

Alcohol affects sleep and disrupts REM sleep, which is the most part of recovery sleep. Some people who sleep badly inform that they are more likely to become sick than when they sleep well.

5. Drink tea:

A common advice to avoid getting ill is about drinking tea, preferably with lemon and honey mixed in it. 


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