What is scribhun ?

Scribhun simply is a 'Social article sharing Platform'. In the present world exchange of views, knowledge and information are mainly through articles. This led to the launching of Scribhun, a website with prime importance for articles based on photography, entertainment, fun, sports, news, health, food, travel and technology. People demands easy and simple maintenance techniques for their blogs and websites. In Scribhun Users can publish and read articles by operating their profiles. Scribhun provides a better online portal for Writers and readers. Along with this it works as a social network connecting the articles from different part of the world.


How can I socialize

The reach of your article or post will add to the threshold of your profile. Socializing an article means increasing the viewers for your articles. Scribhun's suggestion for socializing are

  • Increase the number of followers. Invite maximum friends to follow you.
  • Try to publish maximum number of articles up to limit of 5.
  • Share those articles in other social medias.
  • Publish articles in a specific and popular hash tag. Stick on to a field in which you are best
  • Pick right hash tags for all the articles you publish.

How can I earn?

Scribhun put forward a money sharing policy for the users. Whatever income we get through advertisements will be shared with the Scribhun users. Contribution of genuine articles and their likes, page views etc will be appreciated by crediting an amount in their accounts. This is because we believe everyone who sign up in Scribhun is a part of this Family.

Methods to increase earnings or make your income passive

  • The articles should not be copied one.
  • Socialize and increase the amount of followers, by which your amount per article will be increased and you will get bunch of likes resulting in a huge increase of earnings.
  • Share the articles in different social medias to increase the page view of your article, this gives you a credit amount which is comparatively higher than other activities.
  • Post articles upto a daily limit of 5.
  • By following the above points scribhun gives a serious amount of money after a span of time which is completely passive.

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