How to check internet speed

How to check internet speed

Internet speed plays a very important part in downloading, uploading, viewing videos online etc. etc. Checking the internet speed will make you understand and optimize the problems facing while downloading or uploading. A poor internet speed can cause stoppage of downloads. Parallel downloads cannot be performed in case if it?s a poor connection and the time taken for downloading increases considerably in the same case.

Here I am going to tell you few steps how the speed can be recognized and the same can be compared with the speed that your service provider offers. In case of a difference you can raise a complaint or you can try to fix the problem that is reducing your speed.

  • Before you start this procedure make sure your computer is connected to the internet.
  • Make sure the connection is active. i.e you can see a led light where the lan cable is plugged in and on the right bottom corner of the computer the active connection symbol is displayed. Or in case if it?s a wifi you can still see the active connection symbool in the same place.
  • Go to settings and open Network and sharing center
  • The basic status will be displayed here.   i.e administrator ?Network?Internet. Click on the Local Area Connection which is displayed next to the ?Connections? tag.
  • The status duration and speed will be displayed here.  In case if you are a Mac user Press Command +F on your keyboard.
  • Type: ?Activity Monitor? and Double click on the same.
  • Then click on the Tab called network to get the internet speed.

Well these are very easy steps for you to figure out the speed on your own. There are few applications and softwares available online to check the variations in the speed. Few are speed test, internet speed test, go4speedtest, etc. Most of the softwares are free and you just need to download it and run it to find the speed. A report of the same can be produced and can be compared with the previous ones to find the change in the speed.


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