5 Reasons why you need a wedding website.

5 Reasons why you need a wedding website.

After you say yes to a marriage proposal is when reality hits.  The ceremony and celebration not only include showing your love for another person and exchanging vows, but also involve organizing, planning and implementing details. If you want to change the direction of your wedding from being overwhelmed into simplistic planning, then you can consider using a wedding website for extra support.  Following are the top ways that technology can help you to plan your wedding.

Eco- friendly RSVPs. 

Sending out traditional wedding invitations is still a popular way to get in touch with those who want to come to your wedding. Websites will allow guests to sign in and let you know whether they are coming to your wedding or not without having to mail back the invitation or take extra time to let you know their plans.  The online RSVP is designed to help you consolidate your guest list while saving on both stamps and envelopes for your wedding.  

Provide details without the time for individual responses.

When planning a wedding, most will begin to get phone calls consistently days before the event for information such as directions and what to prepare for the main events.

Tell everyone your love story.

 One of the largest advantages that most notice with a wedding website is that it provides extra comfort for guests that are not certain about the couple.  When you put up a website, you have the ability to add in your personal details through the our story section.  You can let others know how you met, who the bride and groom are, how your fiance proposed to you and what the other families are like.    

Plan a destination wedding.

Summer or winter weddings often lead to popular sites for exchanging vows.  If you are planning a destination wedding, such as by a beach or in the mountains, then you want to make sure that your guests know how to meet you.

Share your wedding day memories.

A large advantage of wedding websites is that you have space to put up the memories of the happy couple. Many will place photo albums of the two that will be married as an introduction to those coming to the event.  You can use categorized areas to add in the events before the wedding, such as hen parties, engagement parties or bridal showers.


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