How to Secure my Android Device?

How to Secure my Android Device?

This article will show you how to secure your Android Phone. These are just simple ways to secure your android devices.

1.Secure your Phone with Pin/Password/Pattern screenlocks.

This is the simplest way and primary thing you should do to secure you android. This will avoid someone using your phone when you're not aware

2.Download apps from playstore.

Download your apps from Google playstore or any other trusted sites. Installing a 3rd party application is always a risk to take. There are many spy apps which could upload your data without your permission. Even though you are downloading from google playstore, reading the app permissions is also important. Knowing its permissions, ie; what are the things the app is getting access to, etc. For eg; a music player or a calculator having access to your photos is unnecessary.

3.Rooting your phone.
Rooting your phone is also a risk. You are getting your phone's full authorisation but on the other hand it makes your device vulnerable to viruses and other such malwares.

4.Avoid using Public WiFi.

Never connect your phone to a unknown open public WiFi. Public WiFi are never safe for using, these can even fetch all your data including your contacts, photos and even your messenger datas like WhatsApp chats etc.

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5.Install Find My Device by Google.

Android Device Manager aka Find my device is an app provided by google to locate your device. This can be used for tracking a lost or stolen phone. This also has the feature for remotely locking you device.

Follow these steps and your devices are secured from most types of hacking.


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